Revolutionize the way you recognize your employees

Everyone will hear the strengths that others see in them


Per employee / month

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Fully operational in just a few clicks. Invitations sent automatically to your team a week before a colleague’s birthday.

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6,400 possible animal totems ensuring that each employee will be positively affected. Smiles guaranteed!

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Positive psychology principles applied to your organization for greater cohesion within your teams

Multiple benefits for your organization

Transform each event into an opportunity to highlight people’s strengths with just a few clicks

A relevant source of information for your managers who will get a better understanding of the strengths within their teams

Continuous expression of gratitude among colleagues which quickly establishes a long lasting environment of trust

App devices

Simplicity for leaders

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Quick set-up

Import your employee list, indicating birthdays and work anniversaries

Automated Process

All e-mails sent automatically. One week before a colleague’s birthday or work anniversary (with a reminder 48 and 12 hours before the event), an invite is sent out the team to participate in creating a Totem for their colleague. On the date in question, the Totem is delivered to the colleague.

Bring the Totem to life

Pre-order a personalized mug with the Totem that will be collectively created. Automatically shipped. No action required on your part.

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