The Feel Good Game!

Faster, Deeper communications at the Heart Level

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Friends and family

Create a moment of pleasure and share enlightening emotions with your loved ones. It’s the simple and fun way to pause and express how much we love each other.

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The team-building activity that ensures that each employee will be positively affected. The perfect gift for your employees or customers to bring home!

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To build their self-esteem, to foster a more welcoming environment and to allow our kids to experience the joy of expressing gratitude on a daily basis. Smiles guaranteed!



Imagine your friends coming together to tell you what they like the most about you… This is what the Totem game will allow you to experience!

In turn, each player witnesses the construction of a totem in their image. This totem is made up of an Animal card, associated with a strength, and a Quality Card. These cards are selected by the other players from the hand of cards they were dealt. The players then explain their selection. Totem is the game that allows you to have fun while discovering your strengths through other people’s eyes.


Create happiness in three easy steps

Receiving a Totem is hearing about and discovering the best of ourselves through the eyes of those around us. It is a moment of fun, but most importantly it is a recognition of our strengths and qualities, making every player a winner in the game.
Pleasure and emotions are guaranteed!


Read the card

Each card allows you to express more easily what you feel.


Explain your choice

Give an example of a situation when the player receiving the Totem used that strength.


Feel the emotion

You are guaranteed to say “Totem really is THE Feel Good Game!”

Game specifications

Totem owl
80 ANIMAL cards
Totem frank
80 QUALITY cards
Totem mockup reglements


The game is available
in French and in English (Limited quantities available in English)

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