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The Feel Good Game!

Treat yourselves to an amazing moment of fun and positive emotions. Players will be profoundly touched when they each receive their animal totem reflecting the strengths and qualities that the other players see in them.

The Totem app for businesses

Celebrate your employees’ strengths

Allow your teams to highlight a colleague’s strengths by collectively building his/her totem. Let the app automatically initiate, on birthdays and work anniversaries, the process of recognizing each team member’s strengths. Totem really is the feel good app for all businesses that care about their employees.

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You could win a personalized Totem mug

You could win a mug simply by registering a Totem game you have played with friends, family or coworkers. There will be 1 draw per month amongst all registered Totem game to date.

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Personalized Totem Products

Immortalize the moment

To help remind them of their strengths, discover the new Totem mugs! Just pick the animal and the quality of your choice… It is as simple as that! The perfect gift to tell our relatives, friends or colleagues what we love about them.

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